"An exceptional design process!" – California Arts Council



Your brand identity should be a smart and strategic reflection of your business or organization, be tuned and focused to its target audience and be designed for practical application to all media and environments. It should also be distinct and visually gorgeous. You don't set out to be average every day and your brand wants to be exceptional too.

These are the six steps to solution Goodchap Brand Identity follows to find and develop your image:

  • Meet with your core brand development team to discuss and identify your salient features -- the essence of your business / organization. This provides the OBJECTIVE foundation upon which the creative will be built. This platform is key and ensures all design solutions will be appropriate to the task and NOT subject to the dreaded "I like" syndrome... "I don't know what I want, but I'll know it when I see it"... We will establish consensus from day-one and follow it true to course. A streamlined process begins in this happy place.
  • Discuss anticipated marketing communication tools to be eventually branded and produced (applications).
  • Establish a project schedule outline.
  • Review brand identities of competitor companies or organizations (regional, national and international), both good and bad, to make sure we don't come up with a brand conflict.

Design One (d I) stage:

  • Three to five (budget dependent) concepts/design solutions will be developed for presentation to your core team

Design Two (d2) stage:

  • Implementation of client feedback from d I stage and refinement of selected direction
  • d2 presentation meeting, client feedback, design refinements and final logo selection
4. DESIGN FRAMES DEVELOPMENT (items vary based on your needs)
  • Application of brand to required marketing communication elements (i.e. Web site interface, business system, print collateral, ad template, etc)
  • Design frame presentation meeting
  • Client feedback & design revisions
  • Digital art files production for all logos in eps (vector based) and jpeg formats CMYK/RGB/Grayscale
  • Corporate logo/font/color use guide sheet (PDF document)
  • Delivery of electronic production files & design frame templates
6. PARTY Location TBD.

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