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Goodchap Brand Identity Mantra… YOUR BRAND SHOULD BE:

DISTINCT. You are different, your logo and identity should be different. Different gets noticed, and that which gets noticed, is remembered.

INTELLIGENT. Appropriate concepts (no “it just looked cool” elements). Concept is based your salient feature(s). Simple as that. Core message (copy) platforms build off the concept and overall image congruency is achieved. Words and image working together are very powerful.

BE YOU. Your energy, your spirit, your YOU. This is a feeling if you like, reflecting your progressive nature, with a nod to your history perhaps… Or your solid, reliable reputation, slightly conservative maybe but looking like the leader you aim to be… Or personable, fun and reliable. Whatever your personality, correct graphic styling, choice of colors and fonts can bring it out.

PRACTICAL. A production-friendly identity solution which works on all major media, at all sizes in any number of colors. It can’t just look sharp, it has to fly. Economically. Should also be “design versatile” which means parts of the logo and elements of the identity will lend themselves to years of extended creativity for your marketing professionals to leverage. This will make your marketing tools congruent AND visually interesting.

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